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Escapology San Diego
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Discover Dr. Brandt’s rogue lab and secure the antidote to virus TS-51 in this thrilling escape room. Race against time before you’re infected and trapped—only 60 minutes until total decontamination!

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Scooby-Doo and The Spooky Castle Adventure

In the shadowed realm of Crystal Cove, Baroness Maria Richman has vanished amid eerie ghostly sightings. Arriving at the Spooky Castle, you're trapped within its walls while Mystery Incorporated is locked out, but aiding you through enchanted portraits. Delving deeper, you unearth a concealed dungeon and monster lab, piecing together that the malevolent force originates from within the Castle.

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Budapest Express

Aboard the Budapest Express with famed French detective Karine Peaufiner, a heavy snowstorm sets the scene for Sir Clarence Hayden's murder. With only an hour before the next station stop, can you help unravel the mystery and apprehend the killer among five prime suspects?

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Lost City

In the 1930s, famed explorer Archibald Tucker vanished after discovering an unseen treasure in The Lost City's temple, along with his invaluable journal. Now, your treasure-hunting team, equipped with cutting-edge tech and essential tools, ventures into the temple. Agitated spirits challenge you: uncover the treasure and escape within 60 minutes or face eternal entrapment. Can you retrieve Tucker's journal, unearth the treasure, and flee in time? Time ticks ominously.

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Mansion Murder

As Robert Montgomerie, sole heir to the Kildermorie Estate, you're attending a family gathering when your grandfather is found murdered! Framed for the crime, you have 60 minutes to uncover centuries-old family secrets and hidden evidence to prove your innocence before the police arrive!

Plan Your Event

Assemble your team of sleuths and prepare for a race against time—an adventure fitting for celebrations, team building sessions, and more.