Belmont in Bloom

Spring Festival

Starting on March 30th, join us in creating cherished memories with neighbors and friends as we bring the beauty of Spring to the beach! Be transported into a Kaleidescope of color surrounded by stunning floral arrangements and vibrant sculptures, or dance with us under blue skies with a talented lineup of local artists and performances.

Featured Artist


Meet one of our Belmont in Bloom Artists, Beau!

"I love designing and painting large scale murals. My background is based in illustration and I enjoy the use of typography mixed with fun illustrative images in my design."

During your next visit, spot one of Beau's murals throughout the Midway and Adrenaline Zone!


Mel Patterson

"I create vibrant, surf art using Posca acrylic paint pens. My bold outlining technique is influenced by my studies in Japanese printmaking."

a woman wearing a hat on a beach

Beau Carney

"I love designing and painting large scale murals. I enjoy the use of typography mixed with fun illustrative images in my designs"

a man on a ladder painting a mural

Cori Alsbrooks

"Nothing is more fulfilling than realizing how many we’ve reached with our art when we see the excitement on someone’s face when their art is complete, or see photos of others enjoying the piece."

a woman standing on a blue platform

Lulu Yueming Qu

"I find joy in expressing love for life through my art, using lines and colors to convey the beauty and positivity I see in the world. " 

a woman sitting at a desk with a paint brush

Kristie Jasso

" Flowers are like a warm hug, a good laugh, a yummy meal. It's best when shared with


a woman holding a bouquet of flowers

Amy Almaraz

"My goal is to spread joy with flowers and to sprinkle seeds of love no matter where I go. Grateful for my job."

a woman holding a bouquet of roses

Brandon Royce Clark

"A lot of my art involves creating characters and concepts for a possible comic, video game, or animated feature, based on my own personal life." 

a cartoon of a man with a beard and mustache

Hanna Daly

"Hanna loves creating joyous, colorful murals in all of the unique neighborhoods in San Diego. She has painted over 1,500 murals over the past two decades. 

a woman sitting on a ladder eating ice cream

Nita Painter

As a Face Painter, "I dive into imaginative play that delights both children and adults. Embracing a child's creative genius is infectious and beneficial beyond the paint brush."

a woman standing in front of a tree