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3105 Ocean Front Walk
San Diego, CA 92109
* Draft Coffee is located inside of Draft South Mission

Mon - Sun
7:30 - Sunset


Upscale high end Italian Coffee

Draft Coffee is the perfect Cafe located beach side at Mission Beach/Belmont Park. Not only do we take pride in the coffee that we sell, we also take pride in ensuring the customers are completely satisfied with not only their order but with the overall experience at the Cafe.

We all believe in providing genuine customer service to each and everyone of our guests. Our menu is fully equipped with tons of options to choose from that would be perfect to enjoy at the beach.

We have chairs, tables and umbrellas setup every morning for our guest only so you can sit and relax while drinking your delicious cup of coffee.

Additional Information

Draft Coffee has a reward program available, Epoxy.

Download the app on any smart phone and keep track of all your Draft Coffee purchases to earn rewards. Discounts, free coffees.

  • Serving Italy’s number one espresso! This coffee will change your life!
  • Fresh-brewed coffee
  • Lavazza Italian Espresso
  • Quick grab-and-go coffee bar on the beach
  • Outdoor Venue/ Patio Seating
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