Located on the South West Corner of Belmont Park between Draft & Wings, facing the south parking lot.

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The exclusive rental shop in Belmont Park

We rent fun beach gear on wheels, on waves, on the sand and on electric

We are a family and friends oriented store with a wide variety of equipment for rent. We are the only rental shop in Belmont Park. We are locally owned and operated and offer equipment for children and adults. We carry equipment for surfing, cycling, skating, lounging, or even electric powered fun at the beach. We offer guidance and advice and also have portable speakers and action cameras to enhance your experience.

www.Belmont-Rentals.com We offer a 50% discount to ticket holders for all bicycle equipment rentals.

Mission Beach Rentals @Belmont is THE premier place for all of your fun rental needs to enjoy the beach. Whether you want to go surfing, bodyboarding, riding on the boardwalk, lounging out on the sand and another million ways to goof off and relax at the beach, MBR@B has got you covered. Thousands of vacationers and staycationers each month use our gear to maximize their experience at the beach. You can also rely on our staff’s top notch experience and advice on where to go, how best to use the equipment, what landmarks and places to visit, safety tips and overall guidance during your Mission Beach experience.

Mission Beach Rentals @Belmont started in 2015 by Mission Beach fun lover and businessman Matthew Gardner. His connection to the beach and desire to see all who visit here enjoy their time is what inspired him to join Belmont Park to become the first and exclusive rental shop in Belmont Park. Since then we have included over 50 unique items on our rental menu and continue to include the best gear tailored to this beach. All gear is uniquely chosen and customized to be durable enough to last and not break down while also being fun enough for every customer to leave with a big smile. Our variety of equipment caters to people of all ages and for every activity at the beach. We also pride ourselves in being your fun concierge. Our experienced staff offers guidance and advice for visitors and San Diegans. Our digital bike maps help guide riders through the routes they might want to experience and the friendliness of our staff will make everyone feel like a local. We always offer first-timers advice on how to best use the equipment while safety gear and tips are offered to everyone. Even though we have a ton of equipment we do run out of gear from time to time. We suggest any planners to reserve their equipment ahead of time to ensure that they get the gear they desire, especially during the busy summer months. We still have a bunch of gear for walk in groups, both big and small. All bikes come with locks and all equipment has safety gear available free of charge as needed and desired.

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