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Minimum Height

48 inch minimum to drive alone. Riders above 42 inches but below 48 inches may ride with a PAID chaperone who is at least 8 years old, 48 inches and responsible enough to control the actions of the passenger.

Ride Type

Little Thrill


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Bumper Cars

Bump your competition out of the way to victory on this classic ride

OVERDRIVE features 14 multicolored cars that span the 2,000 square foot driving floor, allowing drivers room to chase and bump fellow riders. The bumper cars, designed by Majestic Manufacturing Company, are an updated version featuring lap bars instead of standard shoulder harnesses. The modern cars are also pulled by negative and positive energy forces through the floor and are without the traditional ceiling “stingers”.

The cars are equipped with a padded steering wheel, seats and a lap bar.

multicolored cars
square feet


OVERDRIVE was originally added to Belmont Park in 1991 by the San Diego Coaster Company under the name BUMPS. The ride was resold to the manufacturer Majestic Rides, which refurbished the ride and resold it to the park again in 2004.

Ways to Ride

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Single-use tickets for rides and attractions available in park only.

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