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Minimum Height

42 Inch Minimum to Ride/Drive. No Exceptions.


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Ride Type

Little thrill


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Not your average bumper cars!

Ride in an intertube shaped bumper car and bump into other passengers while listening to music. Funner at night when the disco ball and black lights come on.

KRAZY KARS has 13 multicolored cars that span the 1,400 square foot driving floor, allowing the Drivers room to chase, spin and to bump fellow Riders. The bumper cars, designed by Ride Development Company of Independence, Oregon are an updated version featuring negative and positive energy forces through the floor and are without the traditional ceiling “stingers”.

The cars are equipped with steering levers, seats and a shoulder strap. The operation of this ride requires one Ride Operator.

The ride was painted bright colors and mirrors were used along the length of one wall to enhance the attraction. The final touch added to KRAZY KARS was the installation of a high quality Compact Disc sound system and lighting system featuring black lights.

multicolored cars
square feet


Added to Belmont Park in 2001 by the San Diego Coaster Company, the state of the art bumper car ride named KRAZY KARS was added to replace a previous bumper car ride.

KRAZY KARS was given its new name in February of 2004. Before then, it was named Bumper Mania.

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Single-use tickets for rides and attractions available in park only.

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