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Classic Wooden Roller Coaster

Speeds up to 48 MPH with sharp dips and turns and an ocean front view

The Giant Dipper was built, by the Prior and Church Company, (a pioneer in the coaster field), in 1925, during the Golden Age of wooden roller coasters. The amusement park’s popularity peaked in the early 30’s. In the years that followed, the park and coaster had their shares of financial ups and downs and the entire facility closed in 1976.

After the park’s closing a group of concerned citizens formed the Save the Coaster Committee. It was formed to prevent the demolition of the Coaster and attempt to rebuild it. The committee obtained a state historic preservation grant to help start restoration.

In 1990, the San Diego Coaster Company was formed and a lease was signed with the city of San Diego to restore and operate the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster at Belmont Park. It was restored at a cost of $2 million and, in all, took three years to go through the planning and building process. The renovation of this vintage wooden roller coaster included such improvements as all new track and track bed, 11,000 new bolts, thousands of board feet of lumber and two new trains with modern restraint systems.

Opened in
2 k
75 ft
Max height
48 mph
Max Speed


Dana Morgan President, and Ed Hutton of the San Diego Coaster Company oversaw the initial research, planning and rebuilding. Mr. Morgan was the founder and President of Morgan Manufacturing Company; a manufacturer of amusement rides, and was formerly a Manager with the Disney Corporation, as well as the General Manager of the Santa Cruz Seaside Company. He recently sold his business to Chance Rides, which formed Chance Morgan. He currently is a consultant to Amusement parks and attractions worldwide. Mr. Hutton has worked in the amusement park industry for over 30 years, most notably at Frontier Village and the Santa Cruz Seaside Company. Mr. Hutton is currently a consultant to Amusement parks and attractions. They labored over preserving the Belmont Park Coaster’s historical integrity while meeting today’s more stringent safety standards.

Belmont Park’s Giant Dipper Roller Coaster was designated a National Historic Landmark on July 4, 1990 and officially reopened on Saturday, August 11, 1990 after 14 years of repose. Now visitors to Belmont Park, San Diego’s Premier Beachfront Family Amusement Center, can again enjoy the excitement of quick drops, steep hills and high speeds of the Giant Dipper and enjoy other rides, shops, restaurants, and attractions.

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Single-use tickets for rides and attractions available in park only.

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