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Minimum Height

52 Inch Minimum to Ride Alone. Height Maximum of 78 Inches.

Ride Type

Big Thrill


Any Park Pass

Or $6 in park for single ride

Interactive Thrill Ride

Don't Flip Out!

Take control of the entire ride by deciding which direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) the ride will rotate using the buttons located on the shoulder restraint. Expect to flip upside down multiple times on this ride.

The ride is made up of 2 double-seat gondolas, which rotate around 2 different rotation axles: arm rotation and gondola rotation. The 2 rotations can be in the same direction or in the opposite direction of each other. Passengers control the movement of the gondola through buttons located on their shoulder restraint. Control of the ride switches from one gondola to another during the ride. No ride on Flip Out is ever the same! The ride can be extremely intense or calm depending on the riders controls.

double-seat gondolas
different rotation axles


Ways to Ride

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Single-use tickets for rides and attractions available in park only.

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